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Nov 29, 2012 11:30am PST
with the government about a partl evacuation. we have always had an opinion that the people living on the west side are the most vulnerable to these pyroclastic flows, but there may have been other villages that we'd have said, "no, these people could probably be left there." narrator: instead, the government moved everyone out-- some to shelters far from the blast zone. outside of baños, the army erects roadblocks to hold back residents eager to go home. but the scientists read new and ominous messages from deep in the mountain. cuando hay más magma, significa más gas. naat: anmore gas signifies new trouble. ( lo explosion ) it is not the cataclysmic eruption, but a signal of future danger. at the top of the cone, cooling magma seals off the building gas trapped below. ( volcano rumbling ) finally, the pressure builds up so much that it just bursts the seal. ( explosions booming ) narrator: in blast after blast, tungurahua throws room-sized blocks all over the mountainside. what mothes fears now is a blockage and buildup so large it will suddenly release the full fury deep in t
Nov 28, 2012 7:30pm PST
attempt by the government and the clergy to eliminate the followers of bahÁ'u'llah. since his faith was growing very rapidly there was considerable concern that it was recruiting too many people and was growing too rapidly and gaining too much power. and their desire was to stamp it out. in that part of the middle east, the bahai faith was viewed as a heresy, because it came after islam. it is unfortunately often said that the bahai faith is a sect of islam. that could only be said if christianity were to be called a sect of judaism. since the bahai faith came from islam in much the same way that christianity came from judaism. so that's the derivation of the bahai faith. but the faith then spread then rapidly throughout the world. bahÁ'u'llah was eventually exiled to the prison city of acre in palestine, which is now the city of acre in israel. after many years in prison he was allowed to live in various houses outside the prison walls but always confined to that area. the bahai world center is now located across the bay in haifa, israel. and the resting place of bahÁ'u'llah outside
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2